Paulino Gasalla came across a small pack of press clippings and memories. Impressed, he started a thorough research that will bring him to face the meaning of his discovery, to recover his great uncle's memory: Alejandro Porto Leis, last republican Mayor of Serantes in Ferrol, Spain, and also to reveal his unfair end as well as anyone who one were assassinated with him.

THE SECRET OF A FROUXEIRA part of a particular situation: the parallelism between a specific family history with the History of most of the Spanish twentieth century. Two brothers, Alejandro and Eliseo, separated by ideological questions in two sides of the Spanish Civil War, this was the cause of a familiar split that arrives until the present. Only the clearing up of the facts that

finished with the life of one of them, would be able to do this family joint again or separated forever.

Relatives that not knew facts until today, have to face the reconciliation or a definite split, as a result of this hard investigation, against suspicions and the incomprehension of many.

In the same way, relatives of the other three disappeared (Modesto of Rio, Avelino Landeira and Jesus Miño) face seventy suffering years searching the corpses of these men. Through the documentary, parallel ways of these four families converge, contributing a new perspective to the way of telling so close histories and so forgotten.

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