This documentary is part of the Historic Memory, because of facts said and of dates that are recalled, but above all is an up‐to‐date chronicle.

We began following Paulino Gasalla’s investigation of his relative Alejandro Porto Leis, the last republican Mayor of Serantes in Ferrol, Spain. He was killed with three neighbours in 1938. Events as this, until more than 70 years, they are still affecting to many families.

"We do not claim revenge, we just want to know the truth”, these Manuel Landeira's words define so well the soul of this documentary, the generosity of this persons. We have recoverd with them some keys of the Spanish Civil War and its consequences nowadays.

In this way we were drawing a black chapter of the History that will not close up until a fair treatment was given to so many victims of the Francoism, of the dictactorship.

After Franco's death we enjoy more than 30 years of democratically chosen governments. They have not made enough for close one of the worse pages of our recent History with dignity. It’s difficult to think about democratic transition while this question has not been honestly solved. After too many years of lies and comments, it is essential the recognition to those people that acted defending his ideas and for the freedom.

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